The yoga mat touch the  skin of the practitioner directly, and is a chemical in itself, it must not be toxic and tasteful.


The yoga mat sold on the market is roughly divided into PVC、PVC foam, EVA、EPTM、 non-slip mat 5 materials. PVC foaming is the most professional (PVC content 96%, the weight of yoga mat is about 1500g), EVA and EPT'M are mainly made of moisture-proof mat (weight around 500g).

But the mat material of this material is too light to be laid on the ground, and the two ends of the mat are always in a roll-up state. PVC and non-slip pad because of the use of non-foaming technology, only cut by raw materials (weight in 3000 grams left), only one side has anti-slip lines, anti-slip and poor.

Wesfital yoga mat choose the environmental protection material,7mm thickness mat ,fit for all kinds of  indoor and outdoor gym sports,with a durable extensibility,easy to clean and carry out


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