Nowadays, people are using gym mats or yoga mats for all kinds of activities. The gym mats can be used as a cushion for heavy exercise equipment, so that the floor underneath the mat won’t be damaged. Yoga mats are used for yogies, which will certainly protect their joints from scrapping against hard floor. Whether you are looking for gym mats, or yoga mats with different sizes, our Wesfital yoga/gym mats are the irreplaceable companion for any fitness enthusiasts.


Wesfital gym mats offer great support for the equipment. It also acquired elastic properties for people who do body-weight exercises on. If you take a look at some of the gym, having gym mats to cover the floor tend to have a huge difference compared to the ones that do not. When people are doing kettle belt exercises and sometimes accidentally drop the belt, having our Wesfital gym mats covering the floor can guarantee a damage-free floor while absorbing the sound generated from the impact of the drop.

When it comes to offering a great support for the equipment, the Wesfital team put the utmost concentration on designing the mats to be durable and wear resistant. If you are used to train in other gyms where they have had their gym mats for a while, you can always notice the wear on it. Sometimes, there will be cracks on them, especially along the edges. The Wesfital gym mats can guarantee durability to preserve the aesthetics in the gym while keeping a professional look to attract more customers.


In addition to the wear resistant property, our gym mat is also tear resistant. The only way to test it out is by tearing it yourself. You are welcome to place an order and try it yourself. Thanks to the countless hours of effort our Wesfital team had put in, the gym mats had developed into a matured product. Our gym mats went through many rounds of wear resistance testing to make sure the final design can match our own standards. We are a team that is in a ever chase for quality, so you can be at ease when choosing our products.

People often say “First impression is everything”. This applies to human just as much as it is to gym mats. We offer wide varieties of color and sizes, and our team is currently rolling out customization function for gym owners who like to add a touch of class to their gym. So you can expect your gym to be very elegant looking when our customization plan is finalized.


The conventional gym mats are usually not water-proof, which made them very unhygienic. Imagine all the liquids, like sweat, spilled protein shakes, or pre workouts, are soaking into the mats. No one will even be lying on the mats doing exercises anymore. Lucky for you, we made Wesfital gym mats water-proof, so that gym enthusiasts can enjoy the ever hygienic environment those mats offer.

So, whether you are a gym owner or fitness enthusiasts, contact us to find out more about what we offer, our customer service team will provide the utmost enthusiasm to serve with care.


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